About us

Technoelectric increases the performance operation of facilities and refrigeration equipments by an own process for automation deployment what follows continuous evolution of the design (innovation and effective), execution (rapidly, optimized costs, control logistics, inspection of the production of electrical panels) and routine maintenance (reliability, more efficient maintenance costs, innovative optimisation of the consumption of resources, service performance).

General manager’s message 

Technoelectric achieved an important moment in the company’s history, determined by its own evolution and by the actual conditions of the market. Our answer to the changes of the way of making business, were expressed in several important decisions.

Therefore, it has been choosen a new strategic direction to the business, a direction that requires to reach the highest standard of quality for the products that we made (much better than the average realized of our competitors), in terms of reliability and complexity. To achieve the highest quality standard allows us to undertake new/foreign markets with success, this being another strategic of the company’s development.

This new direction determined our company to focus on the Integrator System segment and outsourcing the montage segment. It is aimed the consolidation of this segment through implementing the inovation concept, which involve a new approach of the relation with the customers and implementation and development of our R&D department.

Hereby, we offer the premises of retaining customers who are looking for the guarantee of reliable, valuable and durable services.

Laurenţiu Carp
manager general

A portrait of the company

Technoelectric is an industrial automation company founded in 1994 who lead activities based on  long-term partnerships  get it  with his clients and suppliers.

Automation solutions offered in the refrigeration field are designed and developed according with  our customer expectations and  quality standards.

Technical department represents the main source of creative solutions ; solutions that respond to the most diversified and complex requests.

Technoelectric offers:

  • a complete range of automations in the refrigeration field,
  • automation in the electricity distribution industry,
  • process automation,
  • a various range of products for temperature, humidity and pressure  control and monitoring for refrigeration installations,
  • a various range of electric equipments specific to this field.

Technoelectric made automations for:

  • supermarkets,
  • logistic warehouses,
  • meat processing factories,
  • beer factories.

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