Building Management System - BMS

 The actual concept of a smart building is the result of a continuous evolution for fulfilling objectives such as: a better safety, more comfort, a better management of building costs and wastes.

BMS means a quick and efficient exchange of information among the different components and devices involved.

BMS allows:

  • surveillance of each sub-system status (ventilation, conditioning, lighting);
  • reducing the cost of energy;
  • quick response for users;
  • monitoring and access control for the persons in the building;
  • on/off options schedule: lights, ventilation systems, alerts.


  • a good performance of the controllers;
  • easy handling due to the surveillance software projected for inexperienced users;
  • a high level of safety through more levels of passwords;
  • high adaptability by setting the menus in the mother language of the user.


  • low energy costs;
  • maintenance service optimization;
  • a high level of safety;
  • high degree of comfort;
  • a short intervention time when a break-down of n equipment.


  • YUKSEK INTERNATIONAL FRUCT S.R.L. STEFANESTI – Office Automation Conditioning
  • SEDIU FIRMA TECHNOELECTRIC – Office Automation Conditioning, monitoring energy consumption