Monitoring solutions Xweb 500
Xweb 500 is a monitoring, recording and control system of temperature, humidity and pressure, as well as for other electrical and non-electrical measurements.
The system is used for cooling installations for freezing and storage and in all other places where temperature control is needed and it can monitorize up from 1 to 220 measurements. It may work independently being used with an user interface as well as it can be connected to a computer. The system consists of a monitoring unit and a thermostat network or an acquiring modulus. The process of data acquiring is made withDixell instruments equipped with serial interface.
The monitoring system allows the reading and recording of the following information:
  • the values of the controlled measures
  • the functioning and break down status 
Xweb500 can detect various types of alerts:
  • General alerts: broken sensors, increasing and decreasing of the normal values,
  • System alerts: exceeding of the memory capacity, the lack of communication with the thermostat network.
  • The alerts can be transmitted whether by fax, by SMS or they can be printed on a regular printer.
The most important functions of range XWEB:
  • Check line 485
  • Export data
  • parameter programming and operating time
  • layout and global commands
  • programmer
  • performance measurement device
  • graphics generation
  • CRO (Compressor Rack Optimization).
 The system also allows:
  • the reports printing (recorded information, the values of the recorded measures, the sensors flaws, exceeding value alerts);
  • transmitting the information by fax-modem;
  • protecting the system with a password;