Panels for distribution of electricity TE.D

From the apartment distribution of electricity until the Distribution to industrial consumers who derive power from one, two or more sources with installed capacity exceeding 1600 KVA, TECHNOELECTRIC offers solutions for distribution of electricity, using equipment provided by prestigious manufacturers as SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, LEGRAND or MOELLER. The panels are executed on demand, there is the possibility to choose depending on the specific application of a multitude of options to the design team.


The box in which components are mounted in the achievement of any configuration of the general panel of low voltage, secondary and final distribution, with degrees of protection IP 30, IP31, IP43 or IP 55 protection and forms of 2a, b through 4a, b .The box is provided with the seal plates of the Parties under voltage equipment, dedicated for each range of equipment, which facilitates rapid installation of used equipment and provides complete protection against direct touches.
Electrical characteristics of the box:
  • Rated insulation voltage for the main system of bars: 1000V
  • permissible rated current In = 160 to3200 A
  • permissible rated current peak: Ipk=15 until 85kA rms/1 s
  • frequency: 50/60 Hz


The panel can be fitted with an automatic switch that makes the protection system of distribution in bars or with a charge separator. Consumer protection is achieved with automatic switches, fuses, magneto-thermal mainshwiches, thermal relays, designed to achieve selectivity in in case of defects.


The panels have a modular structure that allows various configuration and future developments according to the building purpose in which should be mounted. Retrofitting or replacing the equipment can be easy because the system is designed reliable and flexible.


Due to the modular panel structure can be tailored further development by adding new modules and functions. Also thanks to mobile structures incorporated into the panel, can do a lot of configuration.

Maximum Safety

Panel equipment are mounted on individual carriers, behind protective front panel so that the user has access only to the panel of their operation, which gives protection against electric touches.


Electrical Distibution panels can be integrated into various automation applications such as building management system, BMS.Therefore be in step with the latest news on the market, the ongoing search for the material, tools and devices used for execution to be the last generation and the default quality.IWhereas the current technology development led to an increased range of automated process control and industrial surveillance, TECHNOELECTRIC by working with its suppliers, comes to welcoming clients interested in developing such applications, with modern solutions based on latest generation of PLC (PLC), capable to control the basic processes or complex.