Controlling the temperature in a space can often be a real challenge, especially in projects implemented in Eastern countries where outdoor temperatures are very high and range from day to night.

Our specialists use various regulators, depending on the project requirements or the final beneficiary. The first is the XR20CX controller, with a digital on/off controller and a relay, which has configurable digital settings and digital inputs that allow quick programming with HotKey and defrost by shutting down the compressor. Its advantages are that it ensures the energy consumption reduction with the Save Energy function and is functional on heating/cooling applications.

The XR60CX controller is significantly more complex than XR20CX because it has three additional output relays. XT121C has a multifunctional digital temperature controller in two stages, three output relays, different from the two above, TC / PTC PT1000 sensors/thermocouples, and the same functions.

One of the most important functions of the WING XW60K controller is the functionality of cold applications. In addition to the other controllers, it has four relays at the output, ensuring the compressor control, defrosts, ventilation, and lighting, as well as a special digital input for the door and a configurable one for external alarms, to start defrosting and allow connection to distance with the V620 or CX620 keyboard, as well as Xweb monitoring systems.

The XH260L controller is functional on heating and cooling applications, has six output relays, a compact digital controller. The other functionalities are the same as those of the other controllers.

XLR170 is a compact solution for operating a single-phase installation of up to 4kW adequate for cooling applications, which ensures the compressor control, fan, and defrost. The controller is equipped with auxiliary outputs for alarms and lighting, has digital settings, and six relays.

XJP60D is a temperature control module with six inputs for temperature sensors, three programmable digital inputs, built-in RS485 serial output, and an X-REP / Hot Key connection.

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