The story of Technoelectric

The Technoelectric story began in 1994 when the experience of the General Manager – Laurentiu Carp – in the refrigeration industry crystallized and turned into an assembly company. Four years later, in 1998, the goals set at the beginning of the road were reached, and Technoelectric became an electrical panels manufacturer and system integrators for cold automation.

The new millennium marks an important stage in the company’s development by becoming Dixell’s representative for controllers and monitoring systems for refrigeration installations. The company’s sustainable development continues, and three years later is set up Frigoelectric – a subsidiary company specialized in the electrical panels and panels assembly.

The team formed in the 6 years of existence needed a new home, which is why in 2004, the new Technoelectric headquarters was inaugurated, which included the design offices, the administrative departments, and the space dedicated to the production of electrical panels. Three years later, the SPDD (Design, Distribution, and Home Automation Solutions) Department was established, consolidating our reputation as a company that not only produces and assembles electrical panels but it integrates them into modern automation systems dedicated to numerous industries, from food to automotive or waste management.

Achieving the highest quality standard of integrated products and services offered by the Technoelectric team has led to foreign markets’ successful approach, a strategic decision for the company’s development. Therefore, in 2010 began the company’s internationalization through projects implemented in Lebanon, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

As a natural consequence of this development, next year, Technoelectric becomes the CAREL representative for controllers and monitoring systems for refrigeration installations, as well as humidifiers for industrial environments. The company also enters the Republic of Moldova market, by opening the KRR Electric subsidiary in Chisinau, a brand it represents.

Currently, Technoelectric has consolidated its leading position in the field of automation systems in the cold industry on the Romanian market. In terms of international expertise, more than 10 years of coordination and implementation of projects in various industries have led to the recognition of the company as a reliable one.

Mission - Vision - Values

The company's mission

Our mission is to deliver products made to the highest standards and innovative services anywhere in the world.

The company's vision

With transparency and honesty, we successfully complete each automation project and provide our customers with all the necessary resources to support them in their efforts to achieve their goals.



We tell the truth regardless of the consequences.


(no secrets)
Each team member has access to any information. The company's goals are known to everyone, and everyone is involved in achieving them because everyone is responsible for the company's future.


We do everything in our power to successfully close every project.


We make decisions after a thoughtful review, and we own the consequences.

People are the most important

We always take care of our people, no matter the periods we are going through.


We do the right thing because this is the right way to work.

Continuous innovation

We are constantly innovating, optimizing processes, and transforming creativity into products and services delivered to standards of excellence.

Challenging the status quo

Everything must be questioned, evaluated, and optimized to develop the organization in a sustainable way.

Company milestones


Technoelectric, a small assembly company, is founded.


Technoelectric becomes a manufacturer of electrical panels and a system integrator for cold automation.


Technoelectric becomes Dixell’s representative for refrigeration controllers and monitoring systems.


Frigoelectric is created as a subsidiary company specialized strictly in assembly activity


The new Technoelectric headquarters is inaugurated, a construction that includes design offices, administrative departments, and space for the production of electrical panels.


the SPDD (Design, Distribution, and Home Automation Solutions) department is established.


The company’s internationalization process begins with the first coordinated projects in Lebanon, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, or the United Kingdom.


Technoelectric becomes the CAREL representative for controllers and monitoring systems for refrigeration installations, as well as humidifiers for industrial environments. Also, the company is present in the Republic of Moldova by opening in Chisinau – the subsidiary KRR Electric – a company specialized in performing electrical installation and installation of electrical fittings.


The first projects in the Middle East (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon) and the ex-Soviet space (Russia, Belarus) begin.


Technoelectric has expertise in over 8 different industries, has 40 employees, and a turnover of over 5 million euros.