A SCADA system consists of a process controller (PLC – Programmable Logic Controller) and a user communication interface (computer running the SCADA software), and since it has a modular structure, various subsequent changes can be made.

This system collects analog (for temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.) and digital signals through specialized sensors on specific parameters: temperature, humidity, pressure, movement, density, etc. The signals are processed by the PLC based on existing programming and then sent to the appropriate actuators that control the start, change, or termination of processes.

In the case of complex processes, with several types of signals collected from several points of the system, an increased number of PLC equipment interconnected and connected to a computer is used. The values, states, and parameters of interest in the entire system can be viewed in real-time on the screen of equipment. It is possible to transmit signals remotely via the Internet to a control center via a web server.

SCADA systems equipped with PLCs provide configuration flexibility, as well as local and remote control of the installation operating parameters. SCADA systems software package includes a user-friendly interfaces by adopting graphical equipment that allows an intuitive use.

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