The food industry is of paramount economic importance and overwhelming influence on people’s well-being both nationally and internationally. It is developing in a sustained manner and uses many food preservation methods and techniques.

Equally, there are several risks and challenges that companies in the industry have to face due to the biological nature of the raw material processed, the complex meaning of quality, which refers to the health, nutritional value, and sensory qualities of the industry products. The third challenge is generated by the product diversity determined, on one hand, by the raw material subjected to processing, and on the other hand, by the processing operations and the resulting products.

The use of refrigeration technologies allows ensuring optimal conditions for food storage, transport, and distribution, with minimal nutrients losses. At the same time, there is low consumption of energy and auxiliary materials, compared to other conservation technologies.

Technoelectric professionals from the design and implementation department know closely what companies in this industry face due to the many projects they have implemented over the years.

One of them was for the representative in Romania of the McDonald’s brand, which involved the refrigeration installation automation in the warehouse where the frozen buns were located. The solution was implemented with a Siemens S7 PLC. The same system was used in the project for Orkla Foods Romania, in which the ketchup pasteurizer from the factory was automated. For the same company, we automated the margarine processing plant and the fat tank for the loading-unloading process, using the Siemens S7 PLC.

SIMATIC S7 automatic programmable equipment is suitable for small and medium-sized industrial applications.

Due to the characteristics that define such equipment, it was the right solution for the project whose final beneficiary was Galco, where the freezer storage and cutting section refrigeration system was automated with a Siemens S7 programmable automatic.

Meat is a vital food type for a wide range of consumers, and meeting the food safety criteria is mandatory for public and private consumption.

In the process of obtaining meat, companies in the industry ensure that all stages of food products making, processing, and distribution under their control meet all market requirements.

Considering the high number of requirements that must be met, the refrigeration installation in a poultry slaughterhouse such as that of the company Agricola International Bacau is one of the essential elements that ensure their compliance. This project included the automation of the NH3 refrigeration system made with a Moeller XV400 series PLC and its supervision with the help of a SCADA Citect software.

In an international project that had as the final beneficiary Iceberg Sarl from Lebanon, the refrigeration installation automation was performed with a programmable automatic Siemens S7 and VIPA200.

Another NH3 refrigeration installation in whose automation process our team of experts was involved was the one for the Romanian company Indcarf, where a Moeller XV400 series programmable automatic was used. The entire installation is supervised with the help of SCADA Citect software.

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