The expertise of our team of professionals has many demeanors but the solutions for automated systems, especially refrigeration, are those in which professionalism and a results-oriented attitude stand out at their real value.

One of our automation solutions key element is the electrical panel that we design and carry out based on customer requirements. These include power plant panels for cooling tunnels, for the room, as well as panels for refrigerated display cases or those specially created for automation. In over 20 years of activity, we designed automation solutions suitable to a wide range of machines and systems, we provided practical support to some already automated systems, and we created production flow control solutions.

From the simplest to the most complex solutions, our design team promptly and efficiently designs the right solutions for the most diverse customer requirements, following the standards in force.

In each project we are involved, we make every effort to guarantee that the users of our solutions will receive the same level of quality, so we developed the installation and commissioning of electrical panels service.

Our team of professional engineers and electricians has the highest qualification to carry out various assembly, regardless of the project’s complexity or its national or international implementation.

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