During 20 years of activity, our teams have coordinated numerous projects at a national or international level, in which it was necessary to identify solutions for electricity distribution. Thus, from apartment switchboards to industrial switchboards that supply consumers from one, two, or more sources with installed capacities of over 1,600 KVA, we use equipment provided by prestigious manufacturers, such as Schneider Electric, Legrand, or Moeller.

Our experts have made, over time, from the simplest to the most complex electrical panels with many features. The first element is the box in which the components are assembled, which allows any configuration for a low voltage panel of general, secondary, or final distribution type, with degrees of protection IP30, IP31, IP43, or IP55 and forms of protection from 2a, b to 4a, b. The box is provided with plates for live equipment closing parts dedicated to each range of equipment, which facilitates its quick installation and offers complete protection against direct contact by touch.

The electrical specifications of the box refer to the rated isolation voltage for the main busbar system, which is 1000, the rated allowable current In = 160 to 3200 A, the maximum rated current: Ipk = 15 to 85kA RMS / 1s, and the frequency of 50/60 Hz.

The switchboard can also be equipped with a circuit breaker that protects the distribution system in bars or with a load separator. Consumer protection is achieved with the help of circuit breakers, fuses, magneto-thermal circuit breakers, and thermal relays dimensioned to achieve selectivity in case of defects.

We are proud of the design and production team that makes electrical panels that meet high-performance criteria. Among these, we can mention:


The electrical panels have a modular structure that allows different configurations and further developments, depending on the building specifics in which they are to be installed. Subsequent or replacement equipment can be easily done because this system has a high degree of reliability and flexibility.


Due to the modular structure, the Technoelectric switchboard can be adapted according to further development demands by adding new modules and functions. Due to the mobile structure of which it is made, a multitude of configurations can be assembled.

Maximum degree of safety

The panel equipment is mounted on individual pads, behind some front protection plates, so that the panel’s user has access only to the part specially created for the interaction, which protects him against electrical contact.


Distribution boards can be integrated into various automation applications, such as the BMS building management system. The production team makes constant efforts to be informed regarding the latest market discoveries so that the material used, tools, and devices comply with new technologies and high standards of execution. There is an acute need for automated control and supervision processes in the industrial field for the solution of which we identify modern solutions based on the latest generations of programmable automata (PLCs), capable of controlling both basic and very complex technological processes.

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