Our automation experts also create standardized solutions for various industries, one of which is electrical panels for the automation of refrigeration installations.

In this case, the most commonly used are the electrical boards from the TE.P series (with IP 65 degree of protection). In the standard version “S” they are equipped with an electronic temperature controller (thermostat), produced by Dixell (Italy) and with 2 or 3 control relays for starting or stopping the electric compressor motor and electric motors, for opening and closing electromagnetic valve mounted on the liquid agent pipe at the inlet of the vaporizer, as well as for initiating or completing the defrosting process.

This standardized solution is required in refrigeration projects, especially because of the many advantages it has, such as affordable price, safety given by the protection provided by the compressor circuit breaker, and automatic fuses for defrosting resistance and fans. Also, other benefits refer to the safety guarantee to the technical documentation made with specialized software that attends the electrical panels, but also the reliability and durability given by the use of Brand Named components.

TE.P panels are simple to use due to the easy visualization and sheltering of the protection and signaling elements with a transparent plastic cover, thanks to the equipment of the panel with iconic labels placed next to the equipment served and due to the aesthetic design of the box, which includes predefined cutouts at the bottom, top and sides, depending on the input and output cables diameter.

Versatility is one of TE.P main features panels because they have many accessories, such as additional assets, a serial interface for monitoring systems, a pump-down and pump-out operating system, switch for N / A control, but also the possibility to have discharge pressure control, to equip it with a multifunctional controller, to have an additional power supply, protection for the cable glands and a customized scheme of the panel.

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