Storage spaces must be built based on exact parameters, starting from the dedicated products. One of the biggest challenges is to create and maintain a constant temperature, especially when storing perishable foods such as fruits and vegetables. Other challenges include battery capacity optimizing, minimizing space loss, and condensation difficulties.

Companies in this industry apply several practical solutions, such as the use of reliable handling equipment to ensure a fast flow of goods to keep food fresh. Cold storage operations bring challenges to the goods handling because temperatures below zero degrees Celsius can affect the equipment. Therefore, to prevent breakdowns and repair costs, special types of equipment for cold storage and processes and systems automation are recommended to reduce the number of operators in cold areas and to have greater control over the warehouse activity.

The Technoelectric team of specialists has created and implemented refrigeration systems automation solutions in this field. One of our success stories is the one for the Happy Fruit controlled atmosphere fruit warehouse in Bulgaria, which was done with a VIPA200 programmable controller, suitable for the requirements of the project and the refrigeration space.

Another large project was the warehouse for Lidl Logistic in Lugoj, which was built according to the latest Lidl standard in terms of design, technology, and equipment that includes 130 machines and 125 ramps for the reception and shipping of the products, about 2000 pallets per day. The Technoelectric team was part of a project that used modern solutions and technologies, which ensured high standards of energy efficiency due to the low energy consumption required by the operation, low emissions, and CO2 footprint, generating a much-diminished environment impact.

Within the network of Profi supermarkets in Romania, in their warehouses in Bolintin (4800 m2) and Roman (30,000 m2), our team provided refrigeration installation automation panels, and the industrial solution was implemented with a Siemens S7 automatic programmable

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