For monitoring of refrigeration systems, we often used in our projects Xweb 500, which is a monitoring, recording, and control system for temperature, humidity, and pressure, as well as for other electrical or non-electrical scales.

In addition to refrigeration installations, the system is also used for freezing, refrigeration, storage, and wherever temperature control is necessary, monitoring from 1 to 100 measuring points. The system also works both independently – being handled with a user interface – and connected to a computer. The Xweb 500 has a monitoring unit and a network of thermostats or purchasing modules. Data collection from the process is made with Dixell tools equipped with a serial interface.

Another significant benefit is the ability to read and record the values of the controlled measures and the emergency and operating conditions.

Xweb 500 also detects several types of alarms, such as general ones: faulty sensors, increased or decreased below the limits and system values: exceeding the storage capacity and lack of communication with the thermostat network. All alarms can be sent by fax, SMS, or printed.

The XWEB range incorporates an RS485 check line, the ability to export data, programming the parameters and operating time, global layout and commands, a programmer, a performance meter, the ability to generate graphs, and a CRO (Compressor Rack Optimization).

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