Cathay Pacific needed a solution to refrigerate food in a way that would address the lack of space because Hong Kong province has the highest land costs.

Client: Cathay Pacific

Category: Electrical panels 

This situation has led to vertical cooling and food storage solution identification.

Cathay Pacific is the first air catering company to implement a vertical buffer as an integral part of the process that improves system intelligence in managing material flow and inventory. Vertical Cart Buffer Towers with integrated cooling systems, a trolley transport and storage system, with automatic loading and unloading of Vertical Buffers and a pallet handling system.

The Technoelectric team contributed to this solution with the electrical panels that coordinate the cold of these vertical buffer towers. By combining this solution with the classic types of cooling chambers, we created a whole refrigeration system. Equally, our experts have implemented a surveillance system through which the operational status can be controlled and monitored.