The rapid growth of the Emirates has forced Emirates Flight Catering to expand in a short time.

Client: Emirates Flight Catering

Category: Electrical panels

Internal and external flights have doubled each year, so Emirates Flight Catering decided to expand its production areas into a two-stage project. The automation project’s main objective was to enable the company to provide catering and in-flight assistance services to over 100 airlines worldwide through its catering units at Dubai International Airport.

Technoelectric contributed to the east and west wings development of Emirates Flight Catering with electrical panels for the refrigeration system. The main project feature refers to the implementation of the two surveillance systems that can control the cold installation.
The control and monitoring system (SCM) was the first of them, with local control, monitoring, and recording functions, and each SMF was devised individually for the relevant areas (offices, the cooking area designated by the cold kitchen, pastry kitchen, etc.).

The second system was that of information management (SMI), which had the role of general control, monitoring, recording, and processing, and each controller manages an item (for example, a cold room, a cooler, etc.). All controllers were connected to the relevant SCM network via the Bus Mode network, and all information was transmitted. Finally, the SCM reads, records, and verifies the data coming from the Emerson instruments connected to an RS485 line.

This project has brought many benefits to the end customer, including HACCP temperature recording and monitoring, data monitoring and recording, alarm detection and connected instrument recording, parameter table programming, and graphical or table viewing, print recorded data, and general information about the entire refrigeration system.