Oman Air Flight Catering started operating in the last quarter of 2019 in a state-of-the-art catering unit at Muscat International Airport.

Client: Oman Air Flight Catering

Category: SCADA automation

The most suitable solution for this cold project was developed with the help of SCADA automation since the easy-to-use interface makes all the data in the control center easy to access, from information on energy consumption and performance indicators to complex activity reports. Each of the compressor cylinders is controlled by a local PLC, and together they are coordinated by a Master PLC, that secures the installation efficiency and equal operating times.

The control center in this project uses a unique system that is generally present in the spaces dedicated to catering services and that uses a secondary agent (Tyfoxit) for cooling and can reach temperatures of up to -30 ° C. One of this solution’ major benefit is that the entire amount of Freon used is significantly smaller.

In this case, the automation requires a fully integrated system that communicates with all equipment, increasing or decreasing the installation load, depending on the degree of cooling required. Thus, thanks to the production and installation team expertise, we offered our client an efficient solution that meets all the project requirements, whether technical or otherwise.