The Khalidia International Shipping cold room located in the Abu Dhabi Free Zone is one of the international projects we see as a source of pride.

Client: Khalidia International Shipping
Category: SCADA automation

From all our engineers’ innovative ideas, we selected the one that met all the project requirements. Thus, the refrigeration installation automation was adapted to all customer requirements and developed on a Siemens platform, offering, at the same time, the best COP. The use of high-quality materials guaranteed the project long-term reliability and ensured low maintenance costs.

We used the SCADA automation system because it is easy to implement, it is intuitive and it provides a comprehensive control center overview, facilitating the operators’ work for the installation monitoring and maintenance.

This innovative refrigeration system allows for increased products’ storage flexibility and low energy consumption. The interconnected communication between the compressors and the main PLC generates increased efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Additionally, the use of ammonia as a refrigerant in composition with water as a secondary agent has a low impact on the environment, which makes this location “green”.