Metro Galați - one of the main Metro centers in Romania - is one of the projects executed and delivered this year by the Technoelectric team. Eckelmann controllers and acquisition modules were used to automate and monitor room switchboards, alarms, and CO2 sensors.

These types of controllers are the basis of multifunctional hardware for PLC, motion control, and CNC solutions because they can include many technology-specific functions and allow the development of elaborate applications. Processor performance, interfaces, memory, and programming can be selected to meet the requirements of each application.

Through the CI4500 Virtus brand Eckelamnn, the entire store is monitored: temperature and alarms for both the boiler and the refrigeration consumers. Our team provided the electrical panels for the refrigeration and freezing rooms, as well as the General Distribution Panel in which the power supply and all the refrigeration equipment are provided: refrigeration and/or freezing rooms, ice machine, fish aquariums, air curtains, plus showcases and minus showcases.

The distribution board also supplies CO2 sensors for the entire store, whose “Status” is permanently taken over in the monitoring system.

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