In early 2021, the Technoelectric team supplied the switchboard, the pumps used in the installation, and the glycol valves in the automation system and developed the PLC and SCADA software for the Omran Jameel brewery in Iraq. This system was designed for a factory refrigeration system that ensures the optimum temperature for the process water used to make the beer.

Client: Omran Jameel Factory

Specifically, in the fermentation process, after boiling the ingredients, at the stage when the composition is transferred to the fermenter, the producers must cool it, add the yeast and keep the temperature constant to ensure the optimal environment for fermentation of the composition and production of drinks.
To implement this project, Technoelectric had to obtain Intertek certification which is a certificate of conformity for all goods imported by Iraq. The Certificate of Conformity Assessment Program assesses and identifies the extent to which goods entering the country meet high standards of safety and quality to provide Iraqi consumers with products under state law.
An innovative element that characterizes this project is the fact that the commissioning of this electrical panel will be done remotely, thanks to the advanced technology of the entire automation.

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