At the end of 2020, the Technoelectric team was involved in a large refrigeration project for the Selgros Constanța Nord store, the 19th store in the Cash & Carry Selgros network, with a sales area of approximately 10,000 square meters.

Client: Selgros Constanța

Categorie: Retail

The objective of this project was to ensure control and safety in operation by automating the cold process. Moreover, the installation was implemented based on natural refrigerant CO2. A hot gas recovery system has also been developed for this store to heat domestic water. The system is based on the reuse of energy, and it is used in the process of heating and delivery of domestic water to the store. This process will reduce costs in the medium and long term.

The entire refrigeration installation of Selgros Constanța Nord includes 97 refrigerated display cases, 33 vaporizers, a group of 10 compressors, of which 4 for cooling the circuit up to -30 degrees, routes made of copper or drawn stainless steel, with elastomeric insulation, and a technical project performed according to the norms in force.

Technoelectric professionals provided the electrical panels to automate the cold process and the store’s graphical interface with the temperature display on each room. The team provided many other necessary details to ensure a correct verification of the operation in the normal parameters of the store. They also implemented the remote monitoring and control system and provided all the necessary technical support throughout the project.

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